yam'Tcha restaurant or drinking tea during eating


To inaugurate my new website, I wanted to let you discover, or rediscover, a magical place where food and tea are in the spotlight. This is the yam'Tcha restaurant which opened its doors in the heart of Paris two years ago. In the kitchen, headed by the Chef Adeline Grattard, everything is in the refinement, simplicity, originality, and gourmet way. In the restaurant, Chi Wah Chan officiates the perfect preparation for a gong fu cha tea of various vintages that pair with each dish of the menu. We travel in the Wu Yi Mountains enjoying a beautiful rock wulong, then through the gardens of white tea scented with jasmine, or in remote areas of Yunnan Province with pu'er or dian hong teas. Chinese teas always in harmony with the cuisine. My first meal was in April 2009, I returned several times and I've never been disappointed.
A place to go to forget time...

NB :  the Chef Adeline Grattard earned her first Michelin star just one year after opening yam'Tcha ......

yam'Tcha. 4, rue Sauval - 75001 Paris - tel : 01 40 26 08 07
(you must book absolutely....)

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